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Americans dying younger and sicker

According to the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine, Americans die younger and sicker than citizens of other developed countries. Out of 17 of the wealthiest countries wherein an assessment was conducted, the United States came in at number 16! This assessment revealed that not just poorest of Americans suffer racial and socioeconomic disparities in access to health and health outcomes. But, that even the most advantaged Americans are worse off than their counterparts in other countries.

Deaths in American before age 50 are responsible for about two-thirds of the difference in life expectancy for males and one-third for females. Americans have the lowest probability of surviving to age 50 of all of the 17 peer countries. And this is only expected to get worse with the astronomical increase in rates of childhood obesity over the past generation, with children already experiencing cardiovascular risk factors and diabetes.

It is paramount to start teaching children at young ages healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise!


National Research Foundation and Institute of Medicine (2013). U.S. Health in international perspective: Shorter lives, poorer health. Available online at


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